I want to take the photos that still hang on your walls when you’re 75.

I will capture your personality in your photographs. I won’t cut & paste you into a recycled Instagram “aesthetic”. I will capture authentic moments & true emotion, and create timeless photographs for your family.

Since 2006, I’ve photographed hundreds of weddings. Working closely with my clients, building relationships with their families, and seeing how much the photos I take mean to them is the most professionally satisfying and emotionally fulfilling.

My closest friends have complimented my ability to make anyone feel comfortable. My clients have done the same.

I'm thoughtful, creative, honest, happy, & genuine. I'm a collector (vinyl, old t-shirts, sneakers.) I love to cook, and eat. I love music.

My wife Diana & I have been together for more than half of our lives, and have been married for half of that.

We live in Warren, and have an obnoxious beagle named Benny.

I’m not much for talking about myself, but flip through some of the nice things my clients have said about me.


1 / 9

"He coordinated our first look and was my advocate, when I wanted to take a moment alone with my husband. Jesse ensured that all of the important people in my life were photographed with me, even graciously hunting down my dad when I realized I had been too rushed that morning for a picture…My family loves to look back at our pictures as well, commenting that, “Jesse captured our spirit.” Jesse was not only our photographer but our friend; his work will forever be part of the magical first day of our lives.."

1 / 9