I want to take the photos that still hang on your walls when you’re old.

Since 2006, I’ve photographed over 300 weddings. Working closely with my clients, building relationships with their families, and seeing how much sentiment is given to the photographs I take is not only professionally satisfying, but emotionally fulfilling.

I've developed a talent for capturing my subjects' true personality in photographs. I'm not interested in cutting & pasting you into a recycled Instagram “aesthetic”. I'm trying to witness and capture authentic moments & genuine emotion, and to create timeless photographs for your family.

I approach photography very candidly. My eyes are always peeled for meaningful small moments, that when pictured next to each other tell a much larger story. I focus on being intentional with my work.

I prefer to let moments happen naturally, but am comfortable in giving my clients direction that helps them to relax and feel more like themselves.

As far as the look of my work goes, I tend to shoot with longer focal lengths and wider apertures, allowing the viewer to focus distinctly on the subject. I proudly use Fujifilm cameras for their excellence in color science - providing beautiful, rich, deep tones and magical light rendition.

My wife Diana & I have been married for 10 years.

Last year, she gave birth to our son Louis. We get to spend a ton of time together. We also have a beagle named Benny.

Here is what my wedding clients say about me.


He coordinated our first look and was my advocate, when I wanted to take a moment alone with my husband. Jesse ensured that all of the important people in my life were photographed with me, even graciously hunting down my dad when I realized I had been too rushed that morning for a picture…My family loves to look back at our pictures as well, commenting that, “Jesse captured our spirit.” Jesse was not only our photographer but our friend; his work will forever be part of the magical first day of our lives..

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